No: 254, 22 October 2020, Press Release Regarding The Declaration Published After The Egypt-greece-gca Summit Held On 21st October 2020

Republic Of Türkiye Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 22.10.2020

We completely refute the declaration released following the Egypt-Greece-GCA Summit held in the Greek Cypriot Administration, which contains baseless accusations and claims against Turkey, as it has now become typical from the previous meetings of this trio.

The fact that the declarations of this trilateral formation, which allegedy aims to "promote peace, stability and cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean", are targeting Turkey on every occasion attests to the real intentions of these countries.

Genuine cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean can only be achieved with an inclusive approach, which encompasses all riparian countries as well as the Turkish Cypriots. The countries causing the problems in the region cannot be part of the solution unless they abandon their maximalist and hostile policies. Turkey will continue to resolutely protect both her own rights and those of the Turkish Cypriots in the Eastern Mediterranean.


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